Neadoo Digital is here to redefine the way you think about search engine marketing. We combine the latest technological advancements with our unmatched creativity to bring you some of the smartest solutions out there. With a team of experienced individuals, we know exactly how to run a campaign that will get you real, tangible results.

Why us?

  • We’re creative and ready to use everything current technology has to offer
  • We know exactly how to get clients to come your way
  • We know how to effectively combine traffic sources to net you the best possible results
  • We care about the needs of our clients – just have a look at our clutch reviews!
  • We’re not your everyday agency – we’re the outsourced search marketing team of tomorrow!

Our Workflow

Without a good workflow strategy, no business will last for a long time. Even with all the assets and skills in the world, you can still cause your company to fail if you don’t have a detailed plan of utilizing them.

We’re a leader in the industry. As such, we make our own path, setting up strategies with the best interest of our clients in mind, rather than based on what’s currently hot with our competitors.

Our strategy is as simple as it is effective. It can easily be summarized in just a couple of points:


Each assignment is approached individually. This allows us to provide each client with a tailor-made strategy


We get our clients involved in the projects as much as possible


We prioritize communication – everyone involved is always aware of every action that is being performed, which lets us react quickly and keep the project afloat as we make adjustments


All of our work is cataloged in real-time so that at the end of each day you can see exactly how much work was done

What our clients say

Robert Dryga

CEO, Founder & Managing Director, Sofafox LTD

Neadoo developed the site, helped me with the copywriting & found the right keywords for my site. This is an approach I’m very happy with – I highly recommend it.

Marcin Kiełkowicz

CEO, Sunlux

Here’s just a quick thank you to Neadoo Digital Ltd for carrying out a review of our website and providing us with a clear and concise report. Now, we have a full campaign run by the Neadoo team. From the ongoing development of our online store, PPC campaigns, Search Engine Optimization, to even Social Media management. It works!

Michal Mojzesz

CEO, Archdesk

I had the pleasure of working with Neadoo over a period of several months and we were very pleased with the results we got. I would definitely recommend it and will be back soon!

Grzegorz Purzycki

CEO, Polaccount

We have been Neadoo’s clients for many years now. We are very happy with the latest solution they’ve come up with. The new branding for our business really kicks in! Thank you!

What we stand for

Directness and sincerity



Respect & Team Effort

Generosity, Honesty

Meet our team!

Anna Bumbar

Anna Bumbar


Adrian Kempiak

Adrian Kempiak


Krzysztof Marcinkowski

Krzysztof Marcinkowski


Tomasz Nasalski

Tomasz Nasalski


Jakub Krysmalski

Jakub Krysmalski

Senior SEO Specialist

Jakub Falczyński

Senior SEO Specialist

Agata Łuczak

SEO Specialist


Wojciech Stuczko

SEO Specialist


Jakub Korcz

SEO Specialist

Michał Załęski

Michał Załęski

Web developer

Roma Dumińska

Roma Dumińska

Account Manager, Team Leader

Oleksandra Chirko

Account Manager

Ranj Omer

Ranj Omer

Senior SEO copywriter


Marta Holewinska

Senior SEO copywriter

Neadoo in numbers

Years of combined experience

Websites created

Campaigns created

Team members

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